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Google Wave Invites up for Grabs

A short but interesting post today about Google Wave.. I have 16 Google Wave invites to send around so the first people to DM me on Twitter @pglewis will get the invites or alternatively leave a post below and I’ll wing you over a wave invite… Happy waving

The World of Google Web Search Features – Part 1

I’m a fan of Google.. Not always, and I wont wear a T-shirt saying it, but a lot more than I am a fan of Apple at the moment..  I’m sure a lot of you feel the same, but if not then speak up.. Whilst a lot of Online folk like to use Google to […]

EU Dilema .. To cookie or not to cookie that is the spyware…

So, the latest from the walled garden of “Europe” is that a new directive released last week requires that internet users consent to cookies before they are placed on their computers.. (Don’t worry, it’s not in effect until April 26, 2011, which does seem ages away, but blink and it’ll be hear before you know […]

Fancy Creating your Own Twitter Background?

Whether Twitter is dying or not getting a Twitter background can help enhance your profile and help create a brand identity for you or your company. It might not seem like the most important thing to do and in all honesty it’s really down to you but consider the following  – 1. Creating your own […]

Konami Code is Geek

I picked this site up ( from one of my good friends Cian Weeresinghe and his Twitter stream the other day (Follow him @cianw).  Well worth a post as these little gems need to be shared. What I loved about Cian’s post was the fact that he so casually dropped just the URL into his […]

Exclusive Black Friday Discount – SES Chicago

Just been sent this offer and wanted to make available to everyone.  I’ll continue to do this for all of the events that I get discounted or invites for.  Alternatively, just ask me about other events. ————————————————————– Hundreds of mid-western marketers/business owners/web designers and more have already signed up for SES Chicago. Still, I know […]

A modern legend..

My first post and a legend in the making (sure)… The first words typed on my brand spanking new  site..  Not the most ground breaking of starts but as they say “you have to start somewhere”.. So what’s this site all about then??  I’ll use this as my sounding post for ideas and thoughts, discuss […]

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