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The Google Instant Alphabet of Search – Part 2

Back in September something happened.  Something big, something different and something that we now take for granted… I’m talking about Google Instant Search and of course my amazing write up on the Google Instant Alphabet of Search..  The what’s what and who’s who of searches as I went through the alphabet from A to Z […]

Google the game changer launch Chrome Web Store

The online world is changing every day and it seems that Google have changed things yet again with the launch of Chrome Web Store, beating Apple to it by what seems a few days. But what is Google Chrome Store?? Well, you’re used to buying apps from your smartphone/mobile such as Android Marketplace, Apple App Store, Blackberry […]

The Google Instant Alphabet of Search

So I was thinking. Google Instant. A new era in search algorithms and something that’s been touted as another game changer in the SEO world. Companies beware, have your site rankings opened up or has Google thrown in a few obstacles along the way? Well, it took me approximately 5 letters typed in until my […]

My Google Nexus One Review

I’ve been using my Google Nexus One phone for a good month now and thought it’s about time to write down my thoughts on it. For background purposes though, I was one of those fanboys that queued for the iPhone when it first came out and moved through the ranks as each and every “new” […]

Google Nexus One – o2 Settings for 3G and MMS access

I bit the bullet and bought a Google Nexus One mobile last week and am in the process of writing a review of my thoughts since moving from the iPhone 3gs… Until then I thought I’d post a few of the Nexus One o2 settings that you need in order to get the phone up […]

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