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How well do Hollywood blockbusters and Business Cards go together?

How well do Hollywood blockbusters and Business Cards go together?  Pretty well it seems, if this latest piece of creative genius is anything to go by from the team at MOO.COM Now, I wonder how many of the next Oscar winning films will start to feature business cards in, just so they can make the […]

How Blogging Has Changed Since 1994 (yea, that’s 19 years ago)

Blogging, hands up who remembers the likes of Open Diary or  The Internet’s changed a lot over the last 19 years, especially in terms of the number of blogs and people blogging.  Check out the awesome blogging info-graphic below from MOO.COM – yea, I work there but just had to post this on my own blog 😉

An Explanation and Some Reflections – From Netflix CEO

You might or might not have been following the story on Netflix, the huge success story from the US for renting DVD’s and streaming movies/TV shows direct to you TV through such platforms as the Wii, Xbox360 or PS3 (oh, and of course mobiles and tablets). In the UK it’s hard to actually sign up […]

The Coolest thing in the world ever

Ok, so the subject line might mislead some of you but in my humble opinion this new MOO widget is pretty damn cool.. The MOO Anagrammer With a single click you can create a range of different anagrams of your name, and then print five of your alternate names on to Business Cards from MOO. […]

The best and worst of Search Engine friends

Search Engines… We all use them, some more than others (cough cough Google) and there are more than a few out there all trying to get into the mix and take their own % of daily searches through variances of searching as we know it.. Case and point – Wolfram|Alpha—Computational Knowledge Engine blekko | slashtag […]

Tiger Woods makes it into the Online World

I saw this on Sky Sports News yesterday and just had to do a quick post on it as I found it soo funny.. If you didn’t think Tiger Woods could get any more famous you’re wrong…  Tiger’s made it in the Online world now with a Chinese television show re-enacting his crash through the medium of […]

Google Wave Invites up for Grabs

A short but interesting post today about Google Wave.. I have 16 Google Wave invites to send around so the first people to DM me on Twitter @pglewis will get the invites or alternatively leave a post below and I’ll wing you over a wave invite… Happy waving

The World of Google Web Search Features – Part 1

I’m a fan of Google.. Not always, and I wont wear a T-shirt saying it, but a lot more than I am a fan of Apple at the moment..  I’m sure a lot of you feel the same, but if not then speak up.. Whilst a lot of Online folk like to use Google to […]

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