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Get Mobile cleaning up in your area with Love clean streets app

Finally, it seems, mobile phone technology has caught on with Councils all over the UK with the launch of Love Clean Streets, a website and smarphone app that is helping clean up your area with the touch of a “mobile” button. This latest brainwave comes in the form of an application, or app, for mobile […]

Motorola Atrix Helpful Settings

I’ve finally upgraded from my Google Nexus One after what seems like years of seeing smartphones pass me by that I’ve just not been interested in at all. So what’s phone I’ve upgraded to – The Motorola Atrix… As per any move to a new phone I’ve been searching the web to figure out certain […]

The perfect Smartphone?

Is it just me or whilst playing around on Google images have I found the perfect smartphone out there? If this runs Android then it’s sure to be a winner.. Part iPhone, Part Blackberry, ALL Android.. Now if only it had a slide out keyboard and battery life of a few days (talk time)…

Apple Iphone 4, Duct Tape and a whole heap of problems

In what can only be seen as a comedy follow up to my latest Apple iPhone 4 story it’s become apparent that Apple are getting nervous and might be looking to buy their way into the Duct Tape market, beating Yahoo and MSN that were only looking at post-it notes and cello-tape… Going back to […]

Apple’s response to bad Reception? It’s an equation gone wrong

So you might have heard that Apple have released their most successful product ever, the iPhone 4 (They sold over 1.7 Million units in just three days)…. Being a bit of a tech geek, I was interested in queuing up to get this new toy (I LOVE my Nexus One though so always thought if […]

My Google Nexus One Review

I’ve been using my Google Nexus One phone for a good month now and thought it’s about time to write down my thoughts on it. For background purposes though, I was one of those fanboys that queued for the iPhone when it first came out and moved through the ranks as each and every “new” […]

Google Nexus One – o2 Settings for 3G and MMS access

I bit the bullet and bought a Google Nexus One mobile last week and am in the process of writing a review of my thoughts since moving from the iPhone 3gs… Until then I thought I’d post a few of the Nexus One o2 settings that you need in order to get the phone up […]

Smartphones – Android and Apple Iphone Apps competition heats up

Google has recently named the winner of their second Android Mobile Phone apps competition in an ever increasing display of “I’m up for trying to fight off the dominant Iphone app store”.. Whilst the contest itself might not seem the most exciting thing, Google pulled together a top list of judges to help get the PR machine in […]

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