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The 30 dirtiest tourist attractions on the planet!

Like a dirty holiday? Off holidaying in Paris?  A quick trip to Ireland?  Maybe a stay-cation in London? Well, whilst these holidays might not be the kind of “dirty” that you were looking for, have you ever wondered what the 30 filthiest tourist attractions are in the world and how many you’ve actually been too […]

How well do Hollywood blockbusters and Business Cards go together?

How well do Hollywood blockbusters and Business Cards go together?  Pretty well it seems, if this latest piece of creative genius is anything to go by from the team at MOO.COM Now, I wonder how many of the next Oscar winning films will start to feature business cards in, just so they can make the […]

Am I still alive?

I haven’t posted in a while and just wanted to let you all know that I’m alive.. You can still follow me on Twitter under pglewis Or if you really know me well you can add me as a friend on Facebook under pglewis Oh, and if you love photos and some visual treats, then […]

Insanity Workout Plan

Ever wondered what the Insanity Workout Plan looks like? Did you read my last Insanity article and think hey, I want to do that? Here it is. Do you think you could do it? Click to enlarge…

Insanity Workout and my Lazy Motivation

I’ve been working for MOO.COM, based in East London, for over the last year now and THE ONLY drawback to someone who lives in West London is the hour door to door journey on the London Underground that ends up taking two hours out of my day that I could really use for many many […]

Work Ethics: Credit where Credit’s not due

I’ve recently come across a few dubious articles online from people (not naming anyone) and it got me thinking about my work ethic. As someone who’s been in management for a good few years,  I find it increasingly important to not only continue to drive myself but just as important is to continue pushing my team and […]

Coke, The ‘secret recipe’

OK, so my first post in a while and I’m thinking about just doing some smaller thoughts and snapshot articles of things I’ve come across or am thinking about instead of the more well thought out and analytically backed up pieces that I have been doing (insert joke here) So, speaking of stupid stuff, I […]

Why I’ve been out of touch for the last month

It’s been what seems years since my last blog post and although I have a good few artilces in the making (honest), I felt I needed to explain why I’ve not posted in a while.. You see, the thing is I’ve moved jobs..  Following a call out of the blue, I decided to hand in […]

Are the same ads haunting your Internet usage?

I recently watched the film Paranormal Behaviour and since then I’ve been a little bit paranoid that strange things are happening to me… The thing is, I’m noticing more and more when visiting a wide variety of websites I use, the same advertisers following my online journey.  It’s like they know who I am and […]

Tiger Woods makes it into the Online World

I saw this on Sky Sports News yesterday and just had to do a quick post on it as I found it soo funny.. If you didn’t think Tiger Woods could get any more famous you’re wrong…  Tiger’s made it in the Online world now with a Chinese television show re-enacting his crash through the medium of […]

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