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Google the game changer launch Chrome Web Store

Posted on | December 8, 2010 | No Comments

The online world is changing every day and it seems that Google have changed things yet again with the launch of Chrome Web Store, beating Apple to it by what seems a few days.

Google Chrome Web Store

But what is Google Chrome Store?? Well, you’re used to buying apps from your smartphone/mobile such as Android Marketplace, Apple App Store, Blackberry App World but what if you could do the same thing but on your every day internet browser.  Yup, Google have launched your very own browser based centralized location for discovering new web apps and purchasing them straight from your (chrome) browser.  Will work every be the same again!!!

If you really have no idea what I’m on about here then you can watch the event, recorded from live, on your browser by navigating to Chrome Channel onYoutube.

It’s true though, as Sundar Pichai, Google’s vice president of Product Management said in a recent interview, “The web has thousands of applications, more than we can count, but it’s hard to find them”.

“The goal was to help users find great applications”, says Pichai, on why Google has moved to create a web store.

Google Chrome users will be able to install web apps on their browser and then pay for them via Google checkout and take something that we have grown more and more comfortable doing on our mobiles back to the laptop and desktop world.  There are lots of free apps as well so if your unsure you can try things out first of all before really committing to paid apps.

Launching with a host of very high profile apps such as the New York Time, EA and Amazon, Google have definately shown they mean business here and let’s hope that it’s not another Wave (which I very much doubt).

Google have also confirmed that apps will work offline and will have over 500 apps in the store on launch day (Tuesday) so check it out here today if you fancy it – Google Chrome Web Store.

Enjoy, I know I am

p.s.  If your looking for any reviews on the top 10 Google Chrome Web Store Apps then take a look here at Popsci’s top 10 list


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