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The Google Instant Alphabet of Search – Part 2

Posted on | April 14, 2011 | No Comments

Back in September something happened.  Something big, something different and something that we now take for granted…

I’m talking about Google Instant Search and of course my amazing write up on the Google Instant Alphabet of Search..  The what’s what and who’s who of searches as I went through the alphabet from A to Z and the brands that were benefiting from Google Instant..

Well, 8 months later I’m back and running through the same A to Z search again to see what’s changed, who’s been planning their SEO campaign against Google Instant and who the losers are in the never ending game of “get me to top position on natural search please”

To make things easier and to save your poor fingers from having to click through to the old article I’m highlighting the new results in BOLD against the old ones that appear first of all.  If they are the same, I simply type Same.  Drum role please…. – Instant Search from A to Z

A – Argos – Same
B – BBC – Same
C – Currys – Same
D – Debenhams – Daily Mail
E – eBay – Same
F – FaceBook – Same
G – (Really???) – (Makes a lot more sense)
H – (Strange again) – Hotmail
I – ITV – Ikea
J – John Lewis – Same
K – KLM – Same
L – National-Lottery – Same
M – – Same
N – Next – Same
O – o2 – Same
P – PayPal – Same
Q – QVCUK – QuidCo
R – Rightmove – Same
S – Sky – Same
T – Tesco – Same
U – YouTube (Yea, really) – Same (again, really?)
V – Virgin-Atlantic – Same
W – – Wikipedia
X – xbox –
Y – YouTube – Same
Z – Zara – Same

Google Instant Search and SEO implications

Google Instant Search and SEO implications

So, out of 26 letters in the alphabet, 7 brands have fallen from top spot for the first results showing up on Google Instant Search.

There are some expected changes in my mind such as W for Wikipedia and X for but big changes for D with Debenhams losing out to the Daily Mail and also I, with ITV (working hard to drive eyeballs online and spending a lot of money on site changes and who in fact do not show up at all on the first page of search under the letter I) who have lost out to Ikea.

Wether or not you think that Google Instant has a Brand Bias or not is up to you and if you’re looking for some more food for thought then check out the Google Instant Search and it’s impact on SEO article over at


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