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Apple Iphone 4, Duct Tape and a whole heap of problems

Posted on | July 13, 2010 | No Comments

In what can only be seen as a comedy follow up to my latest Apple iPhone 4 story it’s become apparent that Apple are getting nervous and might be looking to buy their way into the Duct Tape market, beating Yahoo and MSN that were only looking at post-it notes and cello-tape…


Going back to my original article written about Apples iPhone 4’s reception problem, it seems they’ve moved into full worry mode and have started deleting threads from their site that previously linked to the Consumer Reports Review that suggested that even though they couldn’t give it a buy rating (although they do give it the top smartphone around thumbs up?), you could just duct tape your way out of the problem to keep your reception.

Readers of an unofficial Apple blog noticed that a number of threads with the search term “consumer reports” had disappeared from (Keep an eye on Two Consumer Reports threads that exist on Apple’s support site including links. They have yet to be deleted (here; and here).

Keep an eye out on this topic as it’s not going away. For the first time Apple have released a product that looks to have a serious flaw. Will they produce a fix? Will they recall (never) or will they hope that this all falls away quietly under the piles of press articles they are obviously collecting..


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