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Motorola Atrix Helpful Settings

Posted on | June 9, 2011 | 1 Comment

I’ve finally upgraded from my Google Nexus One after what seems like years of seeing smartphones pass me by that I’ve just not been interested in at all. So what’s phone I’ve upgraded to – The Motorola Atrix…

As per any move to a new phone I’ve been searching the web to figure out certain settings for the Atrix and thought I’d start to compile them here for anyone else who figures that it’s a great phone.. You can also post your own thoughts, tips and guides as well if you like?

So here goes –

* Is it possible to have a different notification for your email?

Yes it is.. The Atrix seems like it doesn’t have many setting for personalising your sound profiles but some of these settings are actually within application menues (and not just in the main settings menu of the phone)

So, to have different sounds for text and mail.

– Open your mail.
– Tap the Menu button
– Tap more
– Tap Settings
– Scroll down to Notification setting and set the tone you want.

* What are the Atrix keyboard shortcuts?

So you’re using you Atrix to it’s fullest.. Whether plugged into the TV of the laptop shell, there are a number of great keyboard shortcuts you can use to save time.

Browser keyboard shortcuts:

– Menu + Spacebar – Show Homepage
– Menu + D – Downloads
– Menu + E – Select Text
– Menu + F – Find
– Menu + H – Show History
– Menu + S – Share page
– Menu + P – Open Settings
– Menu + G – Display Page Info

* Can I personalise the Atrix menu buttons to launch specific applications?

Yes and you can end up saving a lot fo time here and space instead of dropping shortcuts or apps onto homescreens.

Go to Settings >> Applications >> Double Tap Home Launch

Then chose what you want to work as double tap.

As another little tip, if you hold down the search function menu button it leads to a short cut to voice commands or another application (in my case, QR Droid).

I’ll be adding more and more as I either search for them myself or come across them so make sure to either come back or add a comment with your favorite Motorola Artix shortcuts or tips..

If you’re on O2 as well and are looking for Motorola APN settings for 3G and MMS as well then the Google Nexus One settings I posted also work on the Motorola Atrix so check them out.


One Response to “Motorola Atrix Helpful Settings”

  1. Lewis
    July 1st, 2011 @ 9:39 pm

    How do I set up my phone so I can receive picture messages?

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