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The Google Instant Alphabet of Search – Part 2

Posted on | April 14, 2011 | No Comments

Back in September something happened.  Something big, something different and something that we now take for granted…

I’m talking about Google Instant Search and of course my amazing write up on the Google Instant Alphabet of Search..  The what’s what and who’s who of searches as I went through the alphabet from A to Z and the brands that were benefiting from Google Instant..

Well, 8 months later I’m back and running through the same A to Z search again to see what’s changed, who’s been planning their SEO campaign against Google Instant and who the losers are in the never ending game of “get me to top position on natural search please”

To make things easier and to save your poor fingers from having to click through to the old article I’m highlighting the new results in BOLD against the old ones that appear first of all.  If they are the same, I simply type Same.  Drum role please…. – Instant Search from A to Z

A – Argos – Same
B – BBC – Same
C – Currys – Same
D – Debenhams – Daily Mail
E – eBay – Same
F – FaceBook – Same
G – (Really???) – (Makes a lot more sense)
H – (Strange again) – Hotmail
I – ITV – Ikea
J – John Lewis – Same
K – KLM – Same
L – National-Lottery – Same
M – – Same
N – Next – Same
O – o2 – Same
P – PayPal – Same
Q – QVCUK – QuidCo
R – Rightmove – Same
S – Sky – Same
T – Tesco – Same
U – YouTube (Yea, really) – Same (again, really?)
V – Virgin-Atlantic – Same
W – – Wikipedia
X – xbox –
Y – YouTube – Same
Z – Zara – Same

Google Instant Search and SEO implications

Google Instant Search and SEO implications

So, out of 26 letters in the alphabet, 7 brands have fallen from top spot for the first results showing up on Google Instant Search.

There are some expected changes in my mind such as W for Wikipedia and X for but big changes for D with Debenhams losing out to the Daily Mail and also I, with ITV (working hard to drive eyeballs online and spending a lot of money on site changes and who in fact do not show up at all on the first page of search under the letter I) who have lost out to Ikea.

Wether or not you think that Google Instant has a Brand Bias or not is up to you and if you’re looking for some more food for thought then check out the Google Instant Search and it’s impact on SEO article over at

Work Ethics: Credit where Credit’s not due

Posted on | February 26, 2011 | No Comments

I’ve recently come across a few dubious articles online from people (not naming anyone) and it got me thinking about my work ethic.

As someone who’s been in management for a good few years,  I find it increasingly important to not only continue to drive myself but just as important is to continue pushing my team and giving them the best chances possible to increase their knowledge base, move into new areas/channels and grab hold of the advantages that I myself feel I have been given through my career to date.

That’s why, when I do interviews for online articles, speak at events or even networking with or without a beer I’m concious to NEVER lie and take credit for something that I have not done myself and that I support and congratulate any of my team members who have helped achieve milestones along the way..

It’s a shame when when things like this happens and I hope more people have the same honest ethics that I myself like to stick to.

Coke, The ‘secret recipe’

Posted on | February 15, 2011 | No Comments

OK, so my first post in a while and I’m thinking about just doing some smaller thoughts and snapshot articles of things I’ve come across or am thinking about instead of the more well thought out and analytically backed up pieces that I have been doing (insert joke here)

So, speaking of stupid stuff, I came across this today on the Telegraph, that published an article about a company that claim to have found out the secret recipe for Coca Cola, otherwise know as COKE…

THE ONLY reason I wanted to post this was because I didnt want it to disappear (as if anything on the web can ever dissappear) and I thought it would be fun for everyone to try making their own (disclaimer, you might die if you try)

Anyway, here it is..  Good luck with your life choices here..  You’re on your own here in…

The ‘secret recipe’ of Coca Cola, aka COKE

Fluid extract of Coca 3 drams USP

Citric acid 3 oz

Caffeine 1oz

Sugar 30 (it is unclear from the markings what quantity is required)

Water 2.5 gal

Lime juice 2 pints 1 qrt

Vanilla 1oz

Caramel 1.5oz or more to colour

7X flavour (use 2oz of flavour to 5 gals syrup):

Alcohol 8oz

Orange oil 20 drops

Lemon oil 30 drops

Nutmeg oil 10 drops

Coriander 5 drops

Neroli 10 drops

Cinnamon 10 drops

If anyone knows the best places to get all of these ingredients as well then post a link and let people know..

The Online Business Card?

Posted on | December 19, 2010 | 1 Comment

You might or might not know that I work for MOO.COM, the online printing company with a difference, where you can, for example, order 50 Business Cards and have 50 different images on every single card. Mix that up with a company that is brand conscious, socially loved, honest and striving for the best quality possible for every single thing that is ever printed and you’ve got a company to keep an eye on..

But, one of the questions that I’m asked a lot of the time is when the online business card is going to start eating into the already large multi Billion dollar print market.. Not soon in my mind (if ever) and not very soon if you take a look around the web and look at other peoples opinions as well..

There’s a second but here though, and that’s because of a new site called  A very simple one page website about yourself that you can build using a variety of fonts, using your own background picture that also has simple design layout features as well for where you want text, shading etc.  Here’s what they say about themselves –

A lot of us have multiple online profiles scattered across various services, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, and Twitter. And one problem we face is pulling all of this information together to build a single on-line identity — be it for personal use, or to create a professional on-line profile

Where as I dont think it will replace the Business Card, it is one of the best online business cards I’ve seen in a long time (although they sell it in as an online profile page really and it still has some font issues for me as it has not allowed me to select certain fonts)..

You can check mine out here under my name Paul Lewis – that I am very happy I got, so make sure to jump onto the bandwagon and claim your name now, before someone else does..

Paul Lewis - Profile Page

Paul Lewis - I got my name on, will you?

Google the game changer launch Chrome Web Store

Posted on | December 8, 2010 | No Comments

The online world is changing every day and it seems that Google have changed things yet again with the launch of Chrome Web Store, beating Apple to it by what seems a few days.

Google Chrome Web Store

But what is Google Chrome Store?? Well, you’re used to buying apps from your smartphone/mobile such as Android Marketplace, Apple App Store, Blackberry App World but what if you could do the same thing but on your every day internet browser.  Yup, Google have launched your very own browser based centralized location for discovering new web apps and purchasing them straight from your (chrome) browser.  Will work every be the same again!!!

If you really have no idea what I’m on about here then you can watch the event, recorded from live, on your browser by navigating to Chrome Channel onYoutube.

It’s true though, as Sundar Pichai, Google’s vice president of Product Management said in a recent interview, “The web has thousands of applications, more than we can count, but it’s hard to find them”.

“The goal was to help users find great applications”, says Pichai, on why Google has moved to create a web store.

Google Chrome users will be able to install web apps on their browser and then pay for them via Google checkout and take something that we have grown more and more comfortable doing on our mobiles back to the laptop and desktop world.  There are lots of free apps as well so if your unsure you can try things out first of all before really committing to paid apps.

Launching with a host of very high profile apps such as the New York Time, EA and Amazon, Google have definately shown they mean business here and let’s hope that it’s not another Wave (which I very much doubt).

Google have also confirmed that apps will work offline and will have over 500 apps in the store on launch day (Tuesday) so check it out here today if you fancy it – Google Chrome Web Store.

Enjoy, I know I am

p.s.  If your looking for any reviews on the top 10 Google Chrome Web Store Apps then take a look here at Popsci’s top 10 list

The best and worst of Search Engine friends

Posted on | November 16, 2010 | No Comments

Search Engines… We all use them, some more than others (cough cough Google) and there are more than a few out there all trying to get into the mix and take their own % of daily searches through variances of searching as we know it..

Case and point –

  • Wolfram|Alpha—Computational Knowledge Engine
  • blekko | slashtag search
  • But, let’s take Google for an example here.. Google pride themselves on being the most relevant search engine out there (and the biggest). Constantly tweaking their search algorithm to ensure that you can’t game the system and that their users get the best organic search results possible thus saving you time by searching through Google.

    They’re also moving forward with new search advancements such as Google Instant or Google Instant Previews to help us decide that much quicker if the site/results they are showing us are right.. Brilliant..

    So that got me thinking. With so many search engines out there, with so many different search algorithms claiming to give you the best results, with so many search engines actually making their money through Google Adsense, which search engine would actually back up the search users stats that show Google as the top search engine out there:

    Search Engine Stats 2010

    So, I decided to search for the term “Search Engines” across a range of search sites and I’ve noted down below what results they all came up with..

    Search Engine 1st 2nd 3rd
    Google Dogpile Google Bing
    Yahoo Yahoo Google
    Bing Wikipedia – Search Engines AltaVista Dogpile
    AOL Dogpile Wikipedia – Search Engines Bing
    Blekko Wikipedia – Search Engines Recommended Search Engines-The Library-University of California
    Dogpile Dogpile AltaVista Wikipedia – Search Engines
    Overall Dogpile AltaVista No Clear Winner

    So, by my very scientific research, if your looking for what the majority of the top search engines actually consider and rank to be the top search engines, use and if you’re not sure of them, use AltaVista.  Simples.

    Behind The Scenes Of The Accidental Millionaires

    Posted on | October 9, 2010 | No Comments

    I get loads of junk mail, loads of random emails, and a few good ones every now and then.. Even though I’ve met and hung out with Jeremy “Shoemoney” Shoemaker (in SES San Jose, we even shared a stretched Hummer Limo going to the Google Party and I’d have to mention and thank Bob Rains for the intro – who’s an awesome guy) I do find myself deleting most of Shoemoneys emails. Not today though and I even found myself kind of motivated by his email so I thought I’d post and you could all see for yourself.

    The Accidental Millionaires

    When my father dropped out of high school in 1965 he was able to get a position as a welder for International Harvester and earn an amazing wage. Some kids went to college but it was not required for skilled positions. You either had the chops or you didn’t.
    Much like my dad, I hated school. I only graduated because of one reason – My mother was a teacher at my high school and ADORED by her peers. I remember getting my final grade from my science class saying I finished with 38% for the year…. D-. “your mom is a wonderful person” written at the bottom.

    I am 100% certain without the invention of the Internet (thank you Al Gore!) I would have died years ago a very obese, lonely, kid. I would have never known anything about love, the amazing joy children can bring to your life, or the feeling of being financially secure.

    By the time you read this I will be back home… but to put this in context, right now I am writing this laying in bed at my suite at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. I just finished eating 2lbs of room serviced king crab legs and was just checking into the airline where I see I am flying first class back home tomorrow. I am out here on a paid speaking engagement and in addition to getting paid to be here and speak for 15 minutes, the event is also paying all my expenses including hotel, airfare, and food.

    Now I am not telling you that to show off, I am just trying to put into context where my head is at right now.

    Life is fucked up.

    I started thinking about all my friends in the industry and how we all started out. Almost none of us had any formal business education, yet we are running multi million dollar companies.

    Running a multi million dollar company in itself has been a very painful education for me. When it comes to marketing I don’t feel like I have any competition in the world. But one thing I really sucked at is being CEO.

    Last June I promoted Tigh – to that role in our company and our revenues have skyrocketed since. We will probably do more profit in q4 of this year then all of the first 3 quarters of this year and last year combined.

    Tigh is actually a perfect example and makes my point. When I hired him fresh out of college 3 years ago it was my attempt to build a “real” company. I decided that my days hacking and slashing were done and I was going to take a crack at running a real company. Get a real office outside the house and all that stuff. Tigh was my first “employee” in this venture.

    When he first started I just had him make twitter accounts for a thing I was *cough* testing *cough*. No shit he made like 300 twitter accounts until both of our accounts got banned. I pulled some strings to get mine back but @tigh was lost forever from him. (sad face).

    ShoeMoney Tip: If you are going to make 300 twitter accounts don’t use the same email domain for them all and also use proxies to create them.

    I know what your thinking… I spammed twitter. Actually, no.. it was a VERY interesting case study that I shared results of with people like Michael Gray and some other folks who I knew would get off on the data I was collecting. Maybe someday I will post why I did it and what exactly I did… when the statue of limitations with twitter are up that is… =P. BUT I DIGRESS!

    So in less than 3 years Tigh has tripled his salary and is doing an amazing job as our CEO. We also have more employees and looking to expand the team with 2-3 more people in the next couple months…. and also move into a bigger space. The kid who started as a low hourly waged employee is now running the company I founded… and allowing me to really do what I am best at… marketing!

    Next week I will be doing the “Big Money Blogger” panel at Blogworld back here in Vegas. If you would have told me 7 years ago some day I would be on panel of “experts” talking about how I make money from a website that generates significant revenue… I would have told you, you were absolutely crazy.

    But I am not the only accidental millionaire on the panel. The other “experts” are:

    John Chow – Canadian, son of Chinese immigrants. Has the technical skill of a nat. Writes a blog about making money online, eating pho, and cars.
    Darren Rowse – Austrailian, ordained minister, much like me he first started a website about his true passion (digital photography) and then created a resource site about how to earn a living doing it.
    Anita Campbell – Sorry Anita I don’t know your background =(
    Ok but seriously c’mon! Do you think any one of us thought this was our fate 10 years ago? Have you ever met John Chow in person!?!?

    Life is fucked up.

    For many years (about the last 30+) it was very hard for anyone to really get a good job without a 4 year college degree. But right now there is an amazing opportunity for anyone, anywhere in the world, of any social status to make a fantastic living and live out there dreams.

    I know because we put a lot of them to work!

    All you really need is to be in the right mental state and willing to do the work to make it happen. And really you don’t HAVE to buy anything to learn how to do it.

    I certainly did not have the money to buy awesome products like the ShoeMoney System. (like how I did that? Sorry – ABC).

    Seriously though there is an amazing amount of free resources available to you if you can pull yourself away from farmville for a couple hours a day.

    Who knows maybe you will be an accidental millionaire?

    The perfect Smartphone?

    Posted on | October 6, 2010 | 1 Comment

    Is it just me or whilst playing around on Google images have I found the perfect smartphone out there? If this runs Android then it’s sure to be a winner..

    Part iPhone, Part Blackberry, ALL Android.. Now if only it had a slide out keyboard and battery life of a few days (talk time)…

    Part iPhone, Part Blackberry, All Android

    The Google Instant Alphabet of Search

    Posted on | September 16, 2010 | No Comments

    Google Instant Search

    So I was thinking. Google Instant. A new era in search algorithms and something that’s been touted as another game changer in the SEO world. Companies beware, have your site rankings opened up or has Google thrown in a few obstacles along the way?

    Well, it took me approximately 5 letters typed in until my site appeared.. So that’s P G L E W (the rest is pretty self explanatory).. As I was doing so I had a multitude of different sites, big brands and small sites (that I would never have usually found) popping up that I noticed.

    So I continued playing around with Google Instant Search and came up with the following list (that’s bound to change very quickly) on who’s who in terms of the Google Instant Alphabet Search. – Yea, that UK results (I’ll do the .COM if people fancy it)

    A – Argos
    B – BBC
    C – Currys
    D – Debenhams
    E – eBay
    F – FaceBook
    G – (Really???)
    H – (Strange again)
    I – ITV
    J – John Lewis
    K – KLM
    L – National-Lottery
    M –
    N – Next
    O – o2
    P – PayPal
    Q – QVCUK
    R – Rightmove
    S -Sky
    T – Tesco
    U – YouTube (Yea, really)
    V – Virgin-Atlantic
    W –
    X – xbox
    Y – YouTube
    Z – Zara

    More to come.. Enjoy though. For some reason I found this fascinating as to how peoples search habits could change (i.e Just typing in “P” to get to PayPal).. How many letters does it take until your company shows up?

    Twitter Tweet This Button launches for your site

    Posted on | August 16, 2010 | 1 Comment

    Yup, it’s official..

    The back and forth between Facebook and Twitter continuos with the launch of Twitter’s new tweet this button..

    It’s making some social waves around the world wide web as I write this, and there are so many organisations and technology geeks out there that are coding away to get their sites all primed and ready.

    Luckily for WordPress users, our favorite blog hosting solution has already rolled out their integration in a ready to go package.

    So, if you’re a user and also want the new official tweet button all you need to do is:

  • Head to Appearances, then Extras in your menu
  • Click on the “Show a Twitter Tweet Button on my posts” button.
  • True, it really is as easy as that and you should be up and running in no time at all.

    Not a WordPress user? Want to get the Twitter Tweet This button on your site? It’s pretty easy anyway and here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to: Twitter Tweet This Button
  • Choose what kind of Tweet This button you want to use?
  • Preview your button (whatever one you choose) and the click for code
  • Tweet This Button Examples

    The great thing is that you can also customise the button is so many ways so head on over to Twitter Tweet This Button and see what Social Magic you can create..

    Will you be adding the Tweet this button to your site?? Good luck if you do, it’s sure to be huge and a nice traffic driver.

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