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Konami Code is Geek

Posted on | November 18, 2009 | No Comments

I picked this site up ( from one of my good friends Cian Weeresinghe and his Twitter stream the other day (Follow him @cianw).  Well worth a post as these little gems need to be shared.

What I loved about Cian’s post was the fact that he so casually dropped just the URL into his updates with no explanation on what the site was and what it did.. Being a curious kind of guy I clicked the link and was sent to a blank webpage that just said

“Perform the Konami Code to access this website”

If this doesn’t remind you of better days playing Sonic the Hedge Hog with cheats (Up,Down, Left, Right, 1, 2, 3) or using the light cheat for Duke Nukem then nothing will put a smile on your face but for all your folk who have NO clue what I am on about you can read up on what the Konami code is here.

You’ll be amazed and the number of sites that are using this Konami code, including some huge sites such as Facebook and Digg..  Check it out and see if you can crack the code of geeks..


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