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The best and worst of Search Engine friends

Posted on | November 16, 2010 | No Comments

Search Engines… We all use them, some more than others (cough cough Google) and there are more than a few out there all trying to get into the mix and take their own % of daily searches through variances of searching as we know it..

Case and point –

  • Wolfram|Alpha—Computational Knowledge Engine
  • blekko | slashtag search
  • But, let’s take Google for an example here.. Google pride themselves on being the most relevant search engine out there (and the biggest). Constantly tweaking their search algorithm to ensure that you can’t game the system and that their users get the best organic search results possible thus saving you time by searching through Google.

    They’re also moving forward with new search advancements such as Google Instant or Google Instant Previews to help us decide that much quicker if the site/results they are showing us are right.. Brilliant..

    So that got me thinking. With so many search engines out there, with so many different search algorithms claiming to give you the best results, with so many search engines actually making their money through Google Adsense, which search engine would actually back up the search users stats that show Google as the top search engine out there:

    Search Engine Stats 2010

    So, I decided to search for the term “Search Engines” across a range of search sites and I’ve noted down below what results they all came up with..

    Search Engine 1st 2nd 3rd
    Google Dogpile Google Bing
    Yahoo Yahoo Google
    Bing Wikipedia – Search Engines AltaVista Dogpile
    AOL Dogpile Wikipedia – Search Engines Bing
    Blekko Wikipedia – Search Engines Recommended Search Engines-The Library-University of California
    Dogpile Dogpile AltaVista Wikipedia – Search Engines
    Overall Dogpile AltaVista No Clear Winner

    So, by my very scientific research, if your looking for what the majority of the top search engines actually consider and rank to be the top search engines, use and if you’re not sure of them, use AltaVista.  Simples.


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