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Digg Tools – How to get ahead of the Digg game and get Dugg

Posted on | January 5, 2010 | No Comments


Let’s talk about Digg for a change…  So many thousands of URLs get listed on Digg every day and whether you are trying to get something ranked or just find the right kind of articles that you want to Digg you’ll find these tools invaluable…  You know the motto… Digg and get Dugg…

1. 365

Not sure what’s happening in the Digg world?  They try using Digg 365.  It surfaces, in a very nice visual way, the top ten stories on any given day, month and year. You can also see the top ten stories by category per year. Just roll over the colored arcs to show the required information.

2. Friend Statistics

Followers are friends right?  Twitter taught us that right?  Follow Friday, Re-Tweet a Tweet and all that..  Well, Friend Statistics, a lot like those Twitter follower apps, allows you to see how many of your Digg friends have actually Dugg your stories.  Not getting any Digg love from your friends?  Drop them and find some more..

3. Social Blade

I love Social Blade.  It’s like a stalking on Facebook but that much easier. The main functionality that Social Blade gives you is that it let’s you see who the power Diggers are so you can start to Digg their articles, comment nice stuff and eventually friend them so they pass on some of the Digg love you need to get stuff ranked.


Much like the lovable Social Blade, gives you all of the top user data you want but with some slight differences, it also gives up a load of information that you can use to pull together top titles and descriptions to help get Digg that much quicker.

– Top Words in Titles

– Top Words in Descriptions

– Digg’s Top Sources

– Most Popular Digg’s Topics

5. Big Spy

Digg BigSpy places stories at the top of the screen as they are dugg. As new stories are dugg, older stories move down the list. Bigger stories have more Diggs and can help point out latest trends etc.

6. Diggtop

Diggtop is a great little app, using Adobe Air, that sits on your desktop and allows you to keep an eye on all of the latest stories coming into the Diggasphere without  having to flick from the excel spreadsheet to your browser for your latest fix.

6. Digg Watcher

Digg Watcher, from the creator of Comment Tracker, is a webpage that allows you to monitor the number of Diggs a post gets in real time. Although it does play a cheesy sound effect when a certain number of diggs are reached it’s a good tool to use to help find out up and coming trends from articles etc..

Digg is a great resource and social media service.  Think outside the box and you’ll figure out that you can use it for Link Baiting, as a PR channel for your company, to help drive traffic to your affiliate site for conversions, or simply as a trend tracker to help decide on content for blogs.  There are many other ways to use the site but taking a quick look through the tools mentioned above should help get you on the right path.

Good luck..


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