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Seetickets Website Crashes During their RATM Ticket Giveaway.

Posted on | February 17, 2010 | No Comments

 It’s early..  It’s 9am, Wednesday 17th February.  The weather is wet but has warmed up slightly and a tun of people are excited as they log into to try and claim their free Rage Against the Machine gig tickets..

Like me, everyone else has already submitted their details to see if they are eligible.  Address, photos etc and have been through the exciting build up of getting Seeticket emails through saying my picture has been confirmed so good luck in the draw..

RATM, keeping to their word following their drive through social media to the UK number 1 spot at Christmas (we all remember that Facebook campaign) have announced their free gig for their fans in Finsbury park this coming June…

It’s what social media campaigns are made of.  Mass awareness, driving a desire to interact with both the band and the site that is now set to give us our tickets..  The campaign continues to create waves in media and Simon Cowel even had to admit defeat to a bunch of kids on Facebook..

After such a great start, it pains me to say that the seetickets website experience has been atrocious and to put it bluntly, their site DIED..  Just look (Click to see full version) at a snapshot of Tweets coming through hashtagging #seetcikets

It’s simple really, Seetickets knew the demand here, the single got to number one selling hundred of thousands online, so why oh why does their whole entire site crash giving everyone a terrible experience of their site?  All of their hard earned branding, what they have been building up through campaigns, and against stiff competition from other Ticket selling sites..  It could all really die off in a matter of hours.

The real end to this story is that Seetickets should take Social Media campaigns more seriously because if they mess up as big as this one, it can be hard to gain the consumers trust again and negative sentiment lasts a lot longer than positive.

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