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The Google Instant Alphabet of Search

So I was thinking. Google Instant. A new era in search algorithms and something that’s been touted as another game changer in the SEO world. Companies beware, have your site rankings opened up or has Google thrown in a few obstacles along the way? Well, it took me approximately 5 letters typed in until my […]

Smartphones – Android and Apple Iphone Apps competition heats up

Google has recently named the winner of their second Android Mobile Phone apps competition in an ever increasing display of “I’m up for trying to fight off the dominant Iphone app store”.. Whilst the contest itself might not seem the most exciting thing, Google pulled together a top list of judges to help get the PR machine in […]

Google Wave Invites up for Grabs

A short but interesting post today about Google Wave.. I have 16 Google Wave invites to send around so the first people to DM me on Twitter @pglewis will get the invites or alternatively leave a post below and I’ll wing you over a wave invite… Happy waving

The World of Google Web Search Features – Part 1

I’m a fan of Google.. Not always, and I wont wear a T-shirt saying it, but a lot more than I am a fan of Apple at the moment..  I’m sure a lot of you feel the same, but if not then speak up.. Whilst a lot of Online folk like to use Google to […]

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