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Is Twitter Down?

Posted on | April 5, 2010 | No Comments

Is Twitter down?  Yes Twitter is down…  The Twitter is down failwhale (fail whale) was showing it’s face today for no reason other than Twitter saying it had too much traffic..  What would it do if it got to be the size of facebook..

Here’s the image of Twitter being down today at around 3.15 pm GMT

Is Twitter Down?

It’s amazing that when Twitter goes down people don’t know what to do and it would be interesting to see stats over the time Twitter is down to see where they lose traffic to?  My bet, Facebook..  People’s need for social connections and random chatting are very strong so next time you see the Twitter is down Failwhale dont freak out..  Just use Facebook a little more..

Is Twitter Down?   Yes twitter is down but never for long (luckily).


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