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Is Internet Explorer trying to mess the web up with crap compatibility for WordPress users?

Posted on | April 22, 2010 | 2 Comments

Sometimes blogging has its problems but platforms like WordPress showed a lot of people that they can build and run as simple or complex websites as they wanted whilst learning about the benefits and challenges of the online world.  Getting your voice heard, your opinions out there or your creative flare noticed has never been so easy and has opened up the door for the growing communication channel called Social Media.

Of course, Social Media has been around for ages if you look at how long we have been able to write Blogs (Blogger, etc) but it’s since the introduction and subsequent uptake in platforms like WordPress, that allows people to build their own websites with relative ease, that people can do their own thing on, in their own environment (slightly separate to the shared worlds of Twitter and Facebook) that real “blogging” has taken off..

But, like I mentioned earlier, with blogging comes some problems and in the age old “battle of the browsers” it seems that IE is losing…

I’d say that I’m relatively new at building WP sites and have previously favoured building sites from scratch and using old skool Dreamweaver and other forms of building and maintaining websites..  But since looking further into WP and understanding how many different benefits it offers, together with a huge community of developers pushing the boundaries, I’m converted and love building my WP sites.

To get to the point here though..  I don’t use IE, I’m a Chrome fan and sometimes FireFox and Safari user..  A big fan of those browsers and they have never given me any compatibility issues whatsoever with my sites.  Looking at this site (your reading it now) in IE, all of the widgets and plugins that I have on the right hand side are pushed out towards the bottom of the page..  Even when I click the compatibility link on the IE7 browser it does nothing and still displays wrong.

Now I’m no developer so I’ve had to take a structured approach to trying to solve this and here’s what I have tried so far –

  • Individually disabled each and every plugin I have – Did nothing at all so assume it is not one of those.
  • Checked the source code for site width and ensured that the banners, plugins etc all fit..  They do.
  • Tried different templates – some worked, some didn’t, but why should I have to change a template just for IE???
  • Tried changing the Compatibility version that IE goes back to (A manual thing that others would not know to do though)

None of these worked for me unfortunately and without having to look further into the CSS code I’m stumped as to how to fix it..

Should I be worried though?  Do many people use IE??  Well according to browser usage updated on Wikipedia and other sites like StatOwl YES..  IE still has a large amount of users..

With companies trying to push their own agendas, their own software, their own top line, it seems we may be be in for more of these issues..  Take Apple and Adobe with Apple pushing back on Flash use on the Iphone (Mike Chambers – On Adobe, Flash CS5 and iPhone Applications)

Take Android and Apple OS (Iphone) competing against each other trying to grow their mobile ad sales through their own networks (Apple prohibits ad networks other than its own on the iPhone)

So it seems I’m stuck at the moment but maybe, just maybe, someone will find this article and comment on it with other areas to try and fix my WordPress compatibility problems with Internet Explorer but for everyone else I apologise..

To end this rant though, when building sites, you should always run compatibility checks across browsers.  Just because you are a Chrome user, doesn’t mean that everyone else is..  The web can be a very slow moving beast sometimes and IE seems to still capture a lot of business usage and newer web users although I’m all for people witching to Chrome and Firefox.

My site in Chrome and then in IE…  Which one do you prefer??

The usage share of web browsers.

Source:  Median values from StatIOwl – 92% of sites monitored by StatOwl serve predominantly United States market.

Internet Explorer (54.44%; Usage by version number)

Mozilla Firefox (31.27%; Usage by version number)

Google Chrome (7.29%)

Safari (5.50%)

Opera (1.97%)

Other (0.87%)


2 Responses to “Is Internet Explorer trying to mess the web up with crap compatibility for WordPress users?”

  1. Paul Sleal
    May 3rd, 2010 @ 6:23 am

    Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

  2. Ascellics
    May 21st, 2010 @ 7:34 pm

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    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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